The Bounded One


While travelling this life path, I have been mysteriously and powerfully called toward various interests, pursuits and experiences. Always one to trust my inner knowing, I have truly relished the adventures and always found immense joy in them.

COSMOS1However, beyond the direct benefit of the experiences themselves, a clarity emerged about the deeper meaning and purpose for the order of knowledge being assimilated. This, meaning, I was drawn to exactly the right interest to perfectly feed and evolve what had come before. (My being drawn to the interest was also the interest drawing me in. The interest that developed next was the interest that had to come next to evolve my knowledge.) Once becoming very aware of the co-participatory process in my own evolution (a manifestation not experienced before), the attractive force bringing exactly the right people, experiences, resources and information to me is now continuous, effortless, heightened and increasingly expedited.

This example of the evolution of experience-knowledge demonstrates the universal principles of

order and relational coherence.

It also speaks to the essential value of


There is the complexity of natural feedback here, but the essence is clear.

That which we are called toward also calls us.

Perhaps the call forms only when we are ready. Perhaps the call has existed, but we were not open to hear it. Perhaps the more we align with Whole Self [Nature (whole being) intersected with Soul Print (our authentic self)], an energetic shift enables a resonance with the perfect interest-experience that will serve the further evolution of our Soul Print. Whether one or the other, these all speak clearly to: 1. Our deeply rooted distinct Soul Print, and 2. The role it is here to play in the larger story of Life. Our internal shifts shift the external world. As above, so below. As within, so without.

The relationship between Self and Source, undeniably, is.

The additional beauty is that through a path of layered knowledge, if open and aware, we come home. We quite simply become more ourselves.

This is the purpose of Life.

No man can reveal to you aught but that which already lies half asleep in the dawning of your knowledge. – Khalil Gibran

You arrive here by no accident. The interests have arisen because you are ready to be guided to the Whole You.



When we change the way we look at things,

the things we look at change.