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Now is the time to get clear, free, and in your natural state of ease and joy. Catalyst, Coach, Wholeness Educator and Alchemist of Soul-Nature Holosynthesis Alignment, I am Erin Scott. Welcome!



Three Types of Service


Fed by the foundations of Holistic Science, psychology, indigenous wisdom, evolutionary dynamics, deep experiential knowledge and spiritual clarity, I offer insight, information and support to catalyze your re-Membering via:

Three Areas of Focus


This unique Holosynthesis work ( coming soon) catalyzes Soul-Nature alignment and is “The Holistic Science of Soul”. The web of interrelationship is tight between the organizing principles of living systems, the cosmological perspective of Evolutionary Astrology and Byron Katie’s paradigm-shifting “The Work”.

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What is your naturally encoded Soul Story?

Who are you as a soul? What are your gifts, fears and blocks? What is your soul’s desired mastery trajectory? Like everything in Nature, you are also encoded with information – a seed packet of stories, archetypes, symbols – that exists to be evolved. Like every form, you are also in-Formed. This distinct recipe of stories is yours to grow. This is your Soul Print – your soul’s blueprint. Knowing the stories that live within us that drive our believes and actions is fundamental to aligning with our true nature. 

$450 | Soul Print Identification “Who Am I?” – LINK HERE

$222 | Soul Print Identification “Foundations” – LINK HERE

$333 | Complete Analysis | Birth Chart Astrosymbology, Transit Activations, Solar Return Growth, Progressed Soul Processes  – LINK HERE

$199 | Birth Chart & Solar Return Analysis –LINK HERE

$122 | Birth Chart Astrosymbology Analysis –LINK HERE

$111 | Career Analysis -LINK HERE

$111 | Archetypal Profile & Video Analysis – LINK HERE

$33 | Archetypal Profile Self-Dive – LINK HERE

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ANALYSIS OF GROWTH CYCLES  |  Astrology and More

The natural cycles and evolutionary growth of your Soul.

Using astrology, intuitive guidance and/or divination (depending on the service), I tap into the cycles, patterns and themes playing out for you, and I clarify their functions in growing you as a soul as well as the growth edges asking to be met and mastered.

$299 | 2018-2020 Soul Growth Evolution – LINK HERE

$111 | 3-Month Holistic Assessment | Current Life Analysis (combined Transits-Solar Return-Progressed)  – LINK HERE

$99 | Astrology Transits Analysis – LINK HERE

$99 | Solar Return Astrosymbology Analysis – LINK HERE

$99 | Progressed Chart Astrosymbology Analysis – LINK HERE

$55 | Art Channeling Video Analysis – PAY HERE and email Erin your exploration at

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CLARITY & SUPPORT  |  Natural Soul Alignment

Knowing your nature and meeting the growth for Freedom.

Erin’s education and work is founded on the Psychology of mind and the Holistic Science of living systems. This combination of understanding the holistic functioning and nature of the human mind, its shadows, and its evolutionary trajectory is highly unique and one-of-a-kind. 1-on-1 private sessions with Erin are available to connect and gain clarity on your current life chapter, toxic life patterns, opening blocks, and aligning you with your authentic Self – in work, in relationships, in every aspect of life. The details of each session vary on what the client needs at the moment. Information pathways – Astrology, Psychology, Holistic Science, and Ancient Wisdom – are accessed to bring optimal information to the fore to serve your growth. The sessions are tools for the holistic evolution of your soul and actively catalyze reconnection from disconnection and the reframing of toxic stories, beliefs and actions so to align you with your highest frequency calling to to be freed and fully expressed. 

$299 | Package Discount of 3-Sessions – LINK HERE

$111 | 50-minute 1-on-1 Soul Session – LINK HERE

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“Clients are bringing forward with great clarity the desire for Re-Minding, for Re-Membering… for “The Great Work”. Originating in the alchemic tradition, The Great Work is the pursuit of Self. It is the pursuit of the ‘philosopher’s stone’, of the elixer of life, of personal evolution and enlightenment, of shining the GOLD of your Soul Print . . .Reminding and realigning you to your inherent power and distinct nature is my passion and joy.”

In infinite service toward our evolution, Erin Scott M.Sc.

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