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Intimate teaching and in-depth career analysis through personal chart deep dives, Q&A, and specific chart explorations that will be used for analysis of career and optimal work in the world.

“The class yesterday was great! Good pace and explanations!”

“You are a dynamite Teacher, Erin!”

“The class is really interesting!”

“Erin, I so appreciate the approach you take in that you view it and encourage others to use it as an evolutionary resource. I’ve not encountered anyone else that uses it this way…”

“I am astounded by your ability to read pattern, form & texture from these charts – and, so intuitively, to pull gentle threads from them that shape the garment of my life! So spot on.”


  • (3) 2-hour Zoom Gatherings, starting  Sunday 8/11
  • Dates: August 11th, August 18th, August 25th
  • Times: 3pm ET / 12pm PT / 8pm UK | With a 5-minute “tea & wee” break as needed.
  • Space Limit: 10 attendees

Intimate teaching through personal chart deep dives, Q&A, and specific chart explorations that will be used as examples of in-depth chart analysis techniques and information gathering for the group.

Cost: $195


  1. You will need to submit your Full Birth Name and Full Birth Data to Erin for chart processing prior to the course start date (*Note: If exact birth time is unknown, a “Sunrise Chart” will be created and used for interpretation. This is an excellent tool for people who do not know their birth time.) You will then be emailed your Natal Chart for review and use during the course gatherings.
  2. For this course, please be willing to share your Natal Chart and its detailed interpretations with the group as an example.
  3. Of course, make sure you have a reliable internet connection to join the Zoom livestreams! (*Note: If you are unable to join the live gatherings courses, it is no problem. You are welcome to email Erin in advance with your key questions each week and watch the recorded course at a later date.)

The Work: this is an astrological course but imbued with much more, and uniquely so. Psychology and the organizing principles of living systems both lie at the foundation of this knowledge. The deep holistic understanding of one’s blueprint is the key to understanding and freedom.

Once paid, please email Erin your full birth data at






Now is the time to get clear, free, and in your natural state of ease and joy. Personal Teacher of Natural Mind and Soul Structure, my name is Erin Scott. Welcome!





The Service


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$150 | Natal Chart Astrology Analysis – LINK HERE

$250 | Soul Print Identification “Foundations” – LINK HERE

$450 | Soul Print Identification “Who Am I?” – LINK HERE

The Archetypal Profile (Self-Dive) – LINK HERE

You are naturally born with a story. Who are you? What are your gifts, wounds, patterns, and mastery arcs? Like everything in Nature, you are encoded with information – a seed packet of stories, archetypes, symbols – that exists to evolve. Like every form, you are also in-Formed. This distinct recipe of stories is yours to grow. This is your Soul Print – your soul’s blueprint. Knowing the stories that live within us that drive our believes and actions is fundamental to aligning with our true nature. 



ANALYSIS OF GROWTH CYCLES  |  Astrology & Intuitive Process

$95 | Solar Return Astrology Analysis – LINK HERE

$95 | Relationship Analysis (Synastry) on Video. Birth Data for both parties needed – LINK HERE and email Erin the Birth Data at

$95 | Career Analysis (Naturally encoded optimal alignment) on Video – LINK HERE and email Erin your Birth Data at

$125 | Evolutionary Process Analysis (Progressed, Solar Arc & Transits) – LINK HERE

$225 Sale (reg. $295) | 2019-2021 In depth Analysis (Transits, Solar Return, Progressed, Numerology) – LINK HERE

Art Channeling | What is activated for you? Personalized Guidance through art channeling on Video – PAY $55 HERE and email Erin your exploration at

Intuitive Process Session | “Potion” | What is activated for you? Comprehensive Personalized Guidance on Video – PAY $55 HERE and email Erin your exploration at




CLARITY & SUPPORT  |  Natural Alignment

$95 | Session by Skype or Phone (1 hour) – LINK HERE

$175 | Group Session by Skype (2-3 people) – LINK HERE

$295 | Group Session by Skype (4-6 people) – LINK HERE

$275 | Package Discount of (3) Sessions or Videos – LINK HERE

$725 | Package Discount of (8) Sessions, Analyses or personalized Lessons – LINK HERE

Knowing your Nature and meeting the growth for Freedom. Erin’s education and focus is founded on the Psychology of Mind and the Holistic Science of living systems (Systems Science). This combination of understanding the holistic functioning and nature of the human mind, its shadows, and its evolutionary trajectory is highly unique and one-of-a-kind. 1-on-1 private sessions are available to connect and gain clarity on your current life chapter, toxic life patterns, opening blocks, and aligning you with your authentic Self – in work, in relationships, in every aspect of life. The sessions are tools for the holistic evolution of your soul and actively catalyze reconnection from disconnection and the reframing of toxic stories, beliefs and actions so to align you with your highest frequency calling to to be freed and fully expressed. 


“Erin you are pure magic… pretty much everything you have shared landed. I am deeply touched. WOW…..”

“You always bring more clarity and wisdom up to the surface.”

“It was amazing how exact it was to my life and attitudes.”

“WOW… You were 100% on target on every insight.”

“The Reading was right on!”

“Thank you again for the work you do!! It’s transformational.”

“So much insight, so much information… You may be the most spiritually advanced person that I have ever met.”

“OMG….I haven’t even gotten to part 2 yet… blown away by your analysis.”

“I am astounded by your ability to read pattern, form & texture from these charts – and, so intuitively, to pull gentle threads from them that shape the garment of my life! So spot on.”

“I am speechless! You are beyond brilliant in every way… It is so in alignment… this is simply mind-blowing. Everything that you said in the analysis has an uncanny parallel to how things have played out.”

“The information you presented was so accurate.”


“This has been SO HELPFUL to me to understand why things have happened as they have and why I have been so charged and triggered.”


Connect  Align  Create

Life is Waiting!

The World is Calling.


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