The Self & The Whole




When we align with Nature, we are aligned with our true nature. Just as the earth and cosmos operate by organizing principles, so also do we. When we allow all parts of Self to flow, and align with nature’s organizing principles, life becomes emergent (alchemic) – literal magic occurs – and we become conscious “alchemists” of our life.

And just as stories, myths and archetypes are embedded into the fabric of Nature, so also are we. We are each imprinted with distinct archetypes – an alchemic recipe of them. Ancient wisdom tapped in to this reality. Knowing our Story means consciously aligning with our soul’s distinct blueprint – our Soul Print.

When operating wholly, we are nothing less than alchemy – transmutative process – embodied in form. When understood and assimilated, this reality is powerful and profound. Although relationally complex, the fundamental realities illuminating this understanding are simple:


NATURE – We are Nature. Our bodies-minds-spirit are Nature. Inextricably linked, we are an integral thread in the whole of Life.

MICROCOSM – As Nature, we are a microcosm of the macrocosm, a fractal of the whole; and as such we operate by the same organizing principles.

SOUL PRINT – We each embody a distinct blueprint. As with every entity throughout the living Earth and Cosmos, our Soul Print is a unique manifestation. We are each an expression of “diversity” reflecting “unity”; a facet of the Whole of consciousness that is here to co-participate in the evolutionary unfolding of Life. Living the truth of our distinct Soul Print is our sole purpose.

ALCHEMIC POWER – When a fully-expressed Soul Print intersects with an alignment to Nature’s organizing principles, we ignite an empowerment well beyond the paradigm of the currently lived human experience.


We are Nature

As part of Nature, we are inherently alchemic. Nature operates, in its totality, via relationships and feedback loops – constantly communi-cating, balancing, altering, merging, evolving, creating, and transmuting. When aligned, and not resistant, to the nature of Nature, we enter into the dynamic creative flow of life that allows us to see and to experience an utterly different reality than the modern masses: Reality. This view presents the ubiquitous and unfathomable meaning in everything that is. This entering into the flow intrinsically involves an allowance, a trust, that opens us to the alchemic field of Pure Potentiality.


A Microcosm of the Macrocosm

An atom within a cell within an organism within an ecosystem within a planet within a solar system…No matter how small or large the system or holon, each is nested within another and each interacts with every other. Every part is a fractal of the whole; every fractal is a container of total information of the whole. Outside the material realm, every fractal exists by the same organizing principles as the whole: dynamic, relational, participatory, self-organizing, creative, cooperative, non-linear, changing, inclusive, bounded, holistic. For us being human, this means that we function best when living – thinking, feeling, acting, being – in alignment with the fundamental principles that guide all life. When life is lived from the place of alignment with all that is, tremendous ease and bliss and support emerge numinously and naturally.

These nested holonic systems are all embedded within the fabric of consciousness. When one part is tugged, the whole web feels the stretch. When one aspect is illuminated, the light streams out: highlighting, brightening, and enlightening shadows. Understanding this Reality provides the fertile ground to allow the following assimilation: when we are ignited, our Soul Print activated, the impact is profound, endless and exponential.

Our Soul Print

A Soul Print is the distinctive blueprint for each soul.

Every entity, in every living system, is encoded.

It is the highest and most divine calling that is imprinted within each one of us for this life. Our Soul Print is the Great Work that we were designed for, and it is also our extraordinary bliss. It is our highest frequency. Because Life is by nature participatory, actualizing our individual Soul Print is a large but necessary responsibility. We profoundly change the world whether we activate our Soul Print or our Shadow, our awakened highest frequency Self or our unconscious reactive lower frequency Self, and we are responsible and empowered to choose which. Our Soul Print is a distinctive embodied perspective and bundle of qualities which reflects a part of the whole of consciousness; a part of the macrocosm. Each of us, in the activation of our Soul Print, plays an invaluable participatory role in the immense alchemic journey of the universe.

Alchemic Power

When the alchemy of Nature intersects with the alchemy of our Soul Print, total alignment – active and dynamic – is experienced. With frequency illumination, this lived alignment accesses a portal to all that is and we become a vehicle for utter generative and transformative Presence.

The power of this is yet unfathomable.

It is Truth, manifested.

To conjoin in the portal with you, and to meet our unfolding at a completely new level of human-ness, The Service was brought.


The alchemy of Holism is the alchemy of You.

The alchemy of You is the alchemy of Holism.

In other words: Nature is holistic and we are Nature. Whole Being is Nature’s way, and it is inherently alchemic. It is magic. It is pure potentiality. The non-linear, self-organizing, intelligent, contextual, flexible, co-participatory principles make this so. Nature, by its nature, operates wholly (in relational context). It is up to us, as humans, to re-member this and re-align to activate our distinct inherent Wholeness. When we do, Life manifests and is experienced as the empowered enchanted story it fundamentally is. Align. Allow your distinct nature, your unique Truth, your facet of the Whole, your Soul Print, to be made manifest.

Soul Print + Alignment =

The Next Paradigm of Being Human

In addition to the reality of and power in actualizing our Soul Print, a level of ineffable empowerment is birthed when we align with Nature – with the organizing principles that underpin all Life. It is our degree of awareness and engagement with this that will determine the degree of pure potentiality (literal magic) we experience in every moment.



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