The Sanity of Holism

Whole equals sane. Non-whole equals non-sane.

A prevalent population exists which believes that life is only material; that life is only that which can be seen and/or proved. Anything that cannot be seen and/or proved and measured and repeatable in a scientific study is simply not real. These non-material areas include the process of thinking, insights and ideas and the impetus for creative expression, all feelings and emotions, all qualities (beauty, comfort, love, etc.), the immeasurable and mysterious reality of the body’s placebo effect, and multitudes more.

Although we have a all been taught the same material-mechanistic-reductionist science story in our modern-day education system, which has naturally infiltrated to become the adopted and socially-acceptable default worldview of how life and the world operate, there are some who grip desperately to this exceedingly narrow, partial-understanding of reality.

The Primary Aspects of The Modern-day Default Worldview:

  1. Nature is mechanical (the universe, animals, plants and humans are all like machines)
  2. Matter is unconscious (stars, planets, animals and plants are unconscious, but – illogically – not humans)
  3. The laws of nature are fixed and rigid
  4. Nature is purposeless
  5. Biological heredity is all there is – everything we are is in our genes
  6. The mind is ‘inside our head’ – all consciousness is just a by-product of our brains
  7. As the mind is ‘inside our heads’, telepathy and other psychic connection phenomena are impossible

This reductionist understanding or belief – in this case, that life is only material, mechanistic, quantitative – uses almost solely the left brain. The left side of the brain is the one which processes details, numbers, quantities; it “identifies”; it “objectifies”; it focuses on “parts” and on short view gain and on linearity. The right brain, on the other hand, processes qualities and relationships; it sees wholly, contextually, and is inherently able to see compassionately; it senses; it intuits; it assesses emotionally; this is the seat for creative thought, openness, receptivity; it sees the long-view. The two brains are primarily connected by the Corpus Callosum. This fundamental brain functionality is the same in both women and men.

As we can see, the aspects of right brain functioning have been dismissed and denied with this modern-day globally-accepted default belief system.

This partial functioning is now taking its toll. Anger, defiance and dogmatic rigidity to accepted norms are more readily coming forward now. Interestingly, this partial belief about life only utilizes a part of the brain.

Partial belief equals partial function.

Reductionist beliefs equal reduced function.

Here we see the perfection of nature as this is a fractal; this is a perfect example of a fractal (the self-similarity in patterns seen throughout nature-cosmos).

So, why is this referred to as “insane”? Because partial is non-whole, and because non-whole is unnatural, and because unnatural is imbalanced, and because imbalanced is unsustainable. This is incomplete. It is really just that simple.

Could this just be a personal judgement? Or, have we as humans come to a breaking point with this unsustainable (‘man’-made, unnatural, partial-and-thus-false) belief? You decide.

As Holistic Science is gaining momentum, as people are awakening to the inherent limits to the material-only “story of life” we’ve been asked to adopt and accept in the last 200 plus years, these people who are gripping to the material-only view of life are becoming newly aggressive in their defense of this view of reality. There are also new actions being taken in the protection of the existing limited view.

TEDx made the decision to first censor then remove this talk (below) by Rupert Sheldrake (as well as another by Graham Hancock). They have relegated the links to their blog, an obscure placement. See the debate and links here. This is a first for TED. This comes in addition to an increased and elevated level of enraged defiance by those desperately clinging onto the “material-only” belief and determined to rail against those who understand the innate holism of living systems clearly. These people are denying the reality of Reality, and are bringing forward – very clearly for all to see – the bitterness, adolescence and insanity that stem from the rigid use of left-only. As these deniers demand “evidence” and speak from their mental-script dogma of “material only”, they make clear their toxic spinning minds which are the (natural) result of the positive feedback loop of using left-only. Partial equals non-whole. Non-whole equals insanity.

One more thing – a critical note: the current limited belief insists that to know life we must know it “objectively” minus all subjectivity. This is one of the largest  myths that resides within the deluded partial view of life through the lens of modern-day science. This is a component of the materialist view.

Life, however, is impossible to live, see, observe “objectively”. It is fundamentally not possible. Just like we were made to use both sides of our brains, life is subjective and objective, both.



Below is information on the latest development regarding the TEDx ‘censoring’ controversy from Rupert Sheldrake:


“The TED controversy continues. My TEDx talk on “The Science Delusion” was removed from the regular TEDx platform and relegated to a Naughty Corner of the internet, along with Graham Hancock’s talk on consciousness and psychedelics, after objections from militant atheist bloggers in the US. This caused a storm of protest on the internet, and TED tried to justify their actions and their defamatory remarks about me and Hancock by posting a statement from their anonymous Science Board. All their points the Board raised were easy to refute. Chris Anderson, the head of TED, rang me up and we had a long conversation, as a result of which they deleted the Science Board’s statement and published my response.

TED then opened a series of discussion forums, including one called “The debate about Rupert Sheldrake’s talk”. Altogether there have now been more than 5,000 comments, far more than for any other TED talk. The controversy is now being reported in the press, and was in the Independent on Sunday yesterday, where a new online discussion is now taking place.

Meanwhile, under continuing pressure from the militant atheist lobby, TED officials have extended the purge and have revoked the licence for an upcoming TEDx event in West Hollywood on April 14, on the grounds that their Science Board thought it might involve “pseudoscience”. The speakers they objected to were Russell Targ, one of the doyens of ESP research, Marilyn Schlitz, who was until recently President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and Larry Dossey, a pioneer in the exploration of the role of spirituality in healthcare. Fortunately the event is going ahead anyway, called exTEDx, and will be streamed live.”

There is little question that the resistance being presented is extraordinarily interesting… he who “doth protest too much”…



When we change the way we look at things,

the things we look at change.