Annual Growth


Every year, the sun returns to the exact point of your birth (degree and minute). And every year, this solar return correlates to a planetary configuration and snapshot. This may seem inconsequential, but it is not. Nature does not operate randomly, wastefully or without (multi-fold) function. The solar return is enmeshed and tied to your natural and layered unfolding life process. The processes of growth activated in any given year are inherently correlated, and the themes timed, to your overarching evolution.

For those in a mindful process of learning and growth, understanding the solar return details is invaluable as it allows conscious awareness of what is activated and presenting. Triggers and challenges are experienced with clarity, and participation and engagement can fully meet the specific growth lessons emerging.



To order your Solar Return Analysis, please:


2. Email Erin Scott at with your full birth data (day, month, year, exact time, and place) and look for Erin’s email with your personalized video analysis link within 7-10 days.


To learn about your encoded Soul Print stories. you can learn about the Birth Chart Astrosymbology Analysis HERE, the Soul Print Package HERE and the Soul Print Full “Who Am I” Package HERE.

You can order your Progressed Chart Astrosymbology HERE.