The Symbolic Profile



Form is integral to living systems, to life, to Nature-Cosmos.


The Symbolic Profile Chart

The Symbolic Profile - Chart Example

Form, also, is inextricably linked with its functionality, with the expression, the service or the role it exists to fulfill.

Nothing in living systems – no entity, process, cycle, pattern or form – exists without meaning that not only serves its own function but also coherently, intelligently and cooperatively serves the Whole simultaneously.

Story reflects the same qualities. And, so do archetypes.  


Symbols are forms or formed acts that have intrinsic meaning.


In some circumstances, a symbol is represented by one form and in other circumstances it is a collection of several forms compiled in a kind of mini-story. The latter is the case with the Sabian Symbols. 

The Sabian Symbols: Esoteric – yes. Inherently mysterious and non-analytically derived or understood – for certain. Representative of an “informational web” and a language which connects us to parts of our human nature that have been dismissed, devalued, dissolved, and forgotten – yes, that is the reality being proposed. 

Learn about the history & details of The Sabian Symbols here.

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The Symbolic Profile (formerly known as The Sabian Profile) allows you to unveil the distinct symbology of your Soul Print. Using (16) key points from your natal chart, the encoded symbols that inform your various aspects of Self – your focuses and growth edges of will, of action, of  emotion, of expansion, of value, of freedom, etc. – are brought to the forefront so you can harness your encoded truth and activate your inherent power


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This Profile is an additional option when ordering the more “foundational” Archetypal Profile and is provided as part of “The Package” which enables an in-depth look into your encoded Soul Print stories. Learn about and Order this option HERE.

*NOTE: Exact birth time is needed to this Profile