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2020 Evolutionary Analysis | $115 (reg. $125)

Natal Analysis | $129 (reg. $150)

Career Alignment Analysis | $79 (reg. $95)

AstroGeography Analysis | $69 (reg. $95)

Synastry Analysis | $79 (reg. $95)

Solar Return Analysis | $79 (reg. $95)

Potion | $55 (same pricing)

30-Minute Session Call | $55 (only available for members)

60-Minute Session (or Video Analysis) | $79 (reg. $95)


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Membership Tiers


$11 / month  |  WEEKLY STREAMS

At this Member tier, you’ll receive access to weekly “Potions” diving into the astrology and any other layers of information that want to come though. A self-select intuitive pull guidance portion of the weeklies are always included. These are filmed on Saturday or Sunday mornings, ET, and are either live or recorded to fit the desires of the group. Typically the livestreams occur on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month. As a Member, you will be invited to join “The Alchemy Den” Facebook Group and it is here where all of your personal postings and video links will be available for you. Welcome!


At this tier, you will receive everything in the $11 tier as well as a free 50-minute 1-on-1 Session or recorded Video Analysis for every 3 months of giving (4 times per year)! This tier acts as a kind of steeply discounted layaway plan.


Membership Options



Welcome, Members!

For current Members at the $11 level or above for at least 3 months, you are welcome to significant discounts on a variety of support tools.


$95 per Session or Video Analysis | $275 for Package of 3

Your options for Video Analyses include Astrological dives (Transits, Solar Returns, Progressions, Career alignment, and Synastry/relationship dynamics), Divination/Potion sessions and Art Scopes.

Counseling and Self-Inquiry processing (“The Work”), as well as the topics listed above, are all worked within our 1-on-1 Sessions.

See list at the top of the page for your offerings.

You also have access to 5-15% discounts on all other services.

Please email Erin to receive your discounted link.