The Luminescence of Dawn


The question now is, “Do you sense them?”

Then it soon becomes, “Do you then act as guided?”

Listening. To what is within, to what wants to come…

And then trusting them wholly. Attending to the exponentially deepening intuitive messages and the seemingly endless stream of clear insights coming through.

This is it, baby! – the literal Key to bringing forward the “higher” (Whole) evolution of oneself in this larger theme taking root in our highly complex current chapter. From a scurrying crawl, we are learning to walk through this “total transmutation” cycle.

Empowerment at new levels …of the “magical” variety.

Unprecedented empowerment. It is “The What” being manifested within each of us now: full human potential. It is seeded, and this path of Self is (as it naturally is) wholly linked-reflected-nurtured-supported by the macrocosm. With every awareness of the symbiotic-synchronistic events in the macrocosm (the cosmos) bring played out, we assimilate a deepened realization and experience of the coherent, emergent, co-particapatory intelligence of the web of life. Once we have internal “eyes” to see this reality, and thus belief to experience it, the meaning and synchronicities expand exponentially and flood our reality (more to come in another posting).

Through listening, intuition and insights can be gleaned. It is through these information pathways that the answers and clarity we seek are given.  

So, “the luminescence of dawn”…

Leo Full Moon: 14 February 2014Indeed, it is rising on the horizon. Do you feel it?

Two of the most powerful recent intuitive drives for me thus far in 2014 have been deepened investigations into: The Ra Materials, which will be expounded upon soon, and The Sabian (and Charubel) Symbols.The Sabian Symbols are “pictures” that were brought through for each degree of the 360 degree Zodiac. (The details of the Symbols can read HERE.)

The fundamental role of symbology, archetypes and story to/in the human psyche, from the work of C.G. Jung, Joseph Campbell, Gregory Bateson and countless others, was known for many years and in fact led me to my own work which brought forward the “holistic science” of story and its inherent qualities reflecting the organizing principles of living systems. Big stuff. Recently, however, this topic brought me to new infinite depths. The clear sense, now, is that the tap root of this wisdom has been seen/acknowledged/”watered” and is pulsating at an entirely different frequency.

Powerfully led to apply the Symbols to an individual’s natal chart, The Sabian Profile flowed forward effortlessly (a seeming natural evolution from the archetypally-focused Alchemic Profile). I was simultaneously curious and strongly called to pull the Sabian Symbols for our various unfolding astrological events. The resonance of the new moon’s message two weeks just acted to bring further validation to the call of the Symbols.

The Sabian Symbol for this deliciously rich Leo-Valentine full moon is “The luminescence of dawn in the eastern sky”.

New beginnings, indeed!

This Leo full moon (sun in Aquarius, moon in Leo) is juicy for numerous reasons. Firstly, it lands on Valentine’s Day, a day representative of love and relationships. “Relationship” is the core of all living systems: it is multifold and ubiquitous as relationing to Self, to Other, and to context is happening at every level in every moment. Importantly, both the sun and the moon will square Saturn in Scorpio. This promises to be rich as Saturn, which forces focus and accountability, will bring to the fore any imbalance between Self (the creative Self, the expressive brilliant Self, the needs of Self, Self-care, fun and joy, “right” action for Self) and that of the Other (the needs of Others, commitment to Others, how we are with Others, if we loose ourself or overwhelm others and do not compromise in relationships, applying individual creativity in ways that are innovative and serve the Whole, and the practical needs of Others and the Whole).

A portal, this moon may well be, for new identification, discernment, awareness, and empowered new beginning for Self and how we operate with Others: likely, too, it is a discernment of our fully-expressed joyful individual brilliance as it can/does apply to healing and serving the Collective.

Saturn: Focused Symbolic Messages in 2014


Saturn always plays a key role, as it is one which pushes us up against our growth edges, but its transit through Scorpio since October 2012 (and remaining until December of this year) is quite a profound one, with relevant timing, as it has been unrelentingly stirring the catalyzation of truth and transformation at the deepest levels of ourselves.

Saturn will have two notable lengthy stays on specific degree points of the Zodiac in 2014: one is happening now and the other will occur this summer. As Saturn sits now at 23 degrees of Scorpio and then soon at 16 degrees, note the symbolic messages of these zodiacal degrees.

As infants learning to walk in this malleable reality, where world events, personal events, revelations and constructs are “showing themselves” and evolving daily, many are being forced by circumstance to open to the non-analytic realities which exist from the microcosm to the macrocosm. For time immemorial, symbols have existed. The reason they remain is because they strike deep natural chords: and in fact they speak and connect our individual minds with the collective Mind (more to come on this). Will Saturn’s extended stays on these points, and thus extended focal messages, resonate with the external realities being rewritten – the tipping point of mass awakening-empowerment and the profoundly critical re-Minding/re-Mattering of The Feminine?