Archetypal Feminine



This post is just a beginning of what will become a large, clarifying and expounded upon conversation into the complex and fundamental topic of The Feminine.

For now – some amusement, albeit poignant, to open the doorway…

This is one of the best most concise pieces on the topic of women I’ve seen to date. And, with Louis C.K.’s brilliant humor to land – with perfection – the insanity that exists.


Duality in life is inherent. Both halves make our Whole. Light-Dark, Sun-Moon, Positive-Negative, External-Internal, Dry-Wet, Action-Stillness, Birth-Death, Analyzation-Intuition. Quantities-Qualities, Masculine-Feminine, Man-Woman. These are two halves of a whole – each polarity offering critical function and meaning to every fractal of every living system – from person to planet.

Whenever a part is denied or repressed, the system is imbalanced and thus toxic and unsustainable and will overcompensate to attempt return to natural dynamic equilibrium.

Until the Feminine becomes revalued, re-empowered and reintroduced into Self and Society, life will be unnaturally reduced and incapable to operate in its natural state of health and thriving.

It really is as simple as that.

The denied Feminine principle manifests in myriad and foundational ways. All ways.

It’s important to note that the societal issue with “Whites verses Blacks” has only ever been about fear of the “dark” and denial of our own “shadow”. This debate and topic has always been the superficial version of the core foundational issue.

We are talking about a whole principle-set, not just black and white or shadow and light. The incomprehensible imbalance in Self and Society is about repression and dissolution of the whole principle-set.

Note: The term and reference to “The Feminine” is used because it has traditionally (throughout ancient cultures) been used to encapsulate the entire principle-set that is feared and thus, with classic cognitive dissonance, altered to be insignificant and of no value. Women are, as well, the physical (outward) manifestation of the entire principle-set. (Men house/contain this principle-set within them. This is nature. Ying-yang. Everything contains its opposite.)

The outward misogyny reflects the misogyny that was taught and modeled in the patriarchal paradigm and resides within. 

More to come on this massive and complex (yet simple and fundamental) topic…