The Transition of 2013


I’ve heard many people refer to 2013 with this adjective.

For countless people, intense experiences have been prevalent – challenge and restriction for some and astounding new beginnings for others. In all cases, however, this has been a time of unrelenting growth edges, deep clarity, radical assimilation, and definitive breakthroughs into new levels of empowerment. Breaking down our unsustainable mental and physical structures has been an overwhelming theme, both collectively and individually.

_You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself._ ~Buddha

So here we are at the end of a stunning year, and this is to you and your steep but smooth unfolding in 2014. Over the last few years we have been traversing a monumental time of paradigmatic and systems transition, and it will continue in exponentially more powerful ways. 2013 has been referred to as a year of clearing and karmic balancing, as we are beginning to walk a new and newly empowered path. It is understood by many to have been the first year of a new 26,000-year precession cycle, a new age imbuing Aquarian qualities of freedom, innovation, community, philanthropy, and global consciousness. The months and years ahead will prove to be significant and wholly changing. These unprecedented radical changes will act to trigger the deepest realms of all that which has been held unconscious within us.

No more delays.

Procrastination is not an option for any of us any longer. Now is the time to attend to you – your mental-emotional-spiritual-physical health and that which brings you distinct and profound joy. Of the many assimilated realizations this year, one which has emerged as foundational, is the simple understanding that life is (highly) precious. In this time of “quickening”, where time exponentially feels to be evaporating, this has been made more real and has become more embodied.

My sincere desire for each and every person is to know yourself fully and authentically, to step into yourself fully and authentically, to get raw and real, to take responsibility for the part you play in The Whole, to be brave and delve wholly into your deep healing, and for it to be expedited at this time so that you may remain grounded and be “the eye of the storm” in all ways at all times. You are infinitely more powerful than you are now actualizing. Allow the intensities of this chapter to feed your growth, enable the required maturity and clear-seeing, and activate your capacity for the myriad channels of power to flow.

Whimsical yet ancient, embedded in the human story and highly profound, I am not joking or dismissive when I assert that you are an alchemist.


Resources for Re-Sourcing

NEW MOON ON JANUARY 1st: Astrology (the art/science of planetary energies and mathematical relationships) is ancient, highly valid, and exceedingly important to understand and access at this time as its cycles directly serve our individual growth. Tomorrow, New Year’s Day, January 1st, is a Super New Moon. As if the alignment of a new moon (a new cycle) happening on the first day of the new year (a new cycle) is not enough, it is also embedded within a transformative stellium of conjunct planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto in “structure/security” Capricorn). And, as if this is not powerful enough, this stellium is part of a Cardinal Grand Cross involving Jupiter in Cancer (expansion of feelings/nurturance/home/The Feminine), Mars in Libra (balanced approach/action in relationships) and Uranus in Aries (breaking free/empowerment of the Self). Those who understand The Web of Life – that everything is not only connected by relationship and by the same operating principles but also that everything functions cohesively and intelligently (e.g., events have instrinsic meaning/cohesion because all is informed by The Web and all is outwardly impacted by The Web) – understand the support available for activating distinct new pathways and realities. January is then rounded off with a 2nd Super New Moon. Amazing…

ENCODINGS: If you do not yet know your archetypal encodings, know them. Now is the time to know what they are and understand what/why/how they hold deep keys to your soul’s blueprint – your Soul Print. The Alchemic Profile provides key foundational encodings:

2014 GIFT CERTIFICATES AND DISCOUNTS: To provide a friend or loved one with their Alchemic Profile, or with Holistic Sessions, gift certificates are available: Because starting this year with optimal clarity is important, I am offering a 20% discount on all orders throughout the whole month of January. (The new pricing links will be posted on the website by Friday.)

CHANGE AGENTS: Illuminating discussion with physicist Nassim Haramein, conscious-evolutionist Barbara Marx Hubbard, and Thrive’s Foster Gamble. The video starts slowly so move ahead as you are guided. Please make note of Nassim’s sharing regarding his previous monetary issues; make note of how they all came to meet each other; and make note of Barbara’s unsurprising but keenly articulated assessments:

CHOPRA CENTER TOOLS: Countless healing items are on sale through Deepak Chopra, up to 75% off, through tomorrow. Take advantage as you are guided:


Words from author Andrew Harvey: “The next few years are going to be crucial for humanity and will decide the course of our evolution. However difficult and chaotic the path ahead becomes, commit yourself to ever deepening spiritual practice, to a radical simplification of your life and to doing whatever you can with grace and joy for all sentient beings.”


Suggestions for your Alchemy and Evolution in 2014

  • SOUL: Unveil your distinct truths. Honor them. Activate them.
  • BELIEFS: Open. There is infinitely more to reality, and possibility, than that which is seen or experienced to date. Reconnect with yourself. Your body and gut knows truth and responds accordingly. Disconnect from the toxic corporate-governmental-media Story.
  •  FOUNDATION: Simplify, simplify, simplify. At all levels.
  • RAISE YOUR FREQUENCY: Meditate every day, at least once and more whenever possible. This will re-engage the power of your intuition and align you with internal and external wisdom.
  • CLEAR YOURSELF: Know your food and water. Radically clean your diet. Detox regularly. Exercise. Learn about structured water. Eliminate things and stuff, especially the material things which act to burden and drag. Be lighter in all ways.
  •  ACT: Move into discomfort and take risks. Trust yourself.
  •  TECHNOLOGY: Use technology conscientiously, mindfully and more intelligently so it occupies significantly less of your time. Studies have proven again and again, the connection it is said to create is a delusion and evokes the opposite.
  • NATURE: Directly connect with nature every day. In every manifestation, there is deep wisdom and we are reminded of information we hold within. The energy resonance naturally aligns us with our body’s natural resonance.
  • RELATIONSHIPS: Relate and love without conditions. Relationships are key as we move forward. Connect only with those who bring joy and offer support.
  • FOCUS AND MANIFEST: Radically attend to your thoughts. Retrain your beliefs/thoughts/mind to focus only on what you like, what you want, what brings you happiness, and what is positive. Focus on your priorities. Science is catching up: our beliefs, which create our thoughts, literally act to manifest our external reality. As above, so below; as within, so without. One of nature’s organizing principles. We manifest what we believe. Reconnect with your inherent nature and magic. It is then that an entire belief system will present itself with clarity to be assimilated. This is power.
  • MODEL: Be a model of Self-empowerment for others.


To all of you – each your own important Alchemist – may your New Year transition provide you the information and experiences to optimally catapult and serve your new cycle.



When we change the way we look at things,

the things we look at change.