Life is whole.

Life, which is a web of relationships, means that each individual is intrinsically and fundamentally connected to each other and always impacting the whole. And, where does this “whole” end? We are talking about a system within system within system…seemingly never-ending. The connection that we as individuals have to the greater whole/s is infinite, non-local, profound.

And the alchemy of it…
Emergence occurs at every level of every life system in every moment…
And, the Whole itself…
This is – of course – also emergent.
Truly, life is no less than an utter alchemical dance. Magic. Bounded pure potentiality (not an oxymoron here), infinite intelligence in action, and optimal creativity expressed…

All it takes is understanding the organizing principles which underlie all living systems, assimilating it, and then participating in mindful engagement so the immense power (and play, and responsibility) in creating our lives is experienced.

More information on the alchemy of holism is HERE.



When we change the way we look at things,

the things we look at change.