About Erin


A Wholeness Educator, Soul Alignment Coach and Awakening Catalyst, I am a lifelong alchemist of Self who has long seen the human evolutionary trajectory and now brings forward the holistic science of natural systems to foster soul clarity and growth. 

My unrelenting passions are Connection, Transformation and Emergence, which become enlivened inside the soil of myth and manifestation.

I am here to help you 1) get real, 2) get clear, 3) get aligned, 4) heal so that joy and bliss can flow as it is intended, and 5) germinate the infinite potential of your power. Thus, it is my supreme pleasure to provide unique services that act to unveil your core truth, discover your natural “operating system”, and align you with your soul’s evolution.

This passion has been (and continues to be) served in multiple ways by studies in Psychology and Holistic Science. Many studies, travels and workshops have coincided over the years, predominantly involving body healing, psyche-mind healing, energy studies, divination, consciousness and evolution, and human potential.

Nature has taught me many things. Trees, animals, water, wind – these have all taught me to see dimensions of information and meaning within every holon of every living system. This can be seen now because I became open to be able to see nature presenting it to me. In other words, it is there to be seen once we have eyes to see it. Once my eyes were opened, there was no turning back. Simple understandings about the complexity of life (that all is inextricably interrelated, ripe with coordinated meaning, intelligent, highly creative, storied, exceedingly joyful, and manifests through belief and participation) are all here for you so that you may also see with fresh eyes. Once this happens, life will open itself to you in ways previously unimagined.

My hope is to provide you with highly relevant knowledge that will catalyze your life’s journey in delicious and profound ways.



The Distance, Ivy, Fire Horse-Fire Dragon, Isis, 6/2 Generator, The Path of Nun, Blue Crystal Storm, The Snake, 29/11, Justice & The High Priestess, and a Scorpio/6 – Taurus/1


Master of Science in Holistic Science (hons)
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (hons)
Bachelor of Arts in Art (hons)
Studies in meditation, energy systems, healing at BPI
Studies in indigenous knowledge and ancient wisdom
Studies in consciousness, morphic fields, parapsychology
Studies in astrology, numerology, alchemy
Studies in massage (Esalen style)
Author of “The Adventure Into The Great Yew”, a holistic children’s book connecting Nature and Self and currently authoring “In-Formed”.


“What a wonderful idea!!!! Amazing! Incredible! . . .You are a fabulous cauldron of magical creativity and evolutionary thought process! I love what you are doing and what you intend to do!”

– Shama Viola, Damanhur