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Natural Evolution

The time is now. We have arrived at the time-space reality of unprecedented and profound evolutionary catalyzations – for both Planet and Human. The macrocosm and the microcosm are transmutating, and you are enmeshed in this bigger Story playing out and are embodied during this evolutionary Great Turning. It is aligned and no accident. Nothing happens in Nature-Cosmos that does not have intrinsic value and function. You have intrinsic value and function for this Chapter.


Two (2) In-Depth Videos covering your natural astrological cycles and growth themes – your Solar Return cycles through the next 3 years, your Progressed journey, and the Transits activations for this timeframe. Key symbology elements and your numerology cycles will also be analyzed.





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Testimonial from Client H.C.

WOW! Thank you Erin. Have had day off work today with a cold, so sat & watched my trajectory… Extraordinary. Thank you for your gifts, your exquisite skills at explanation, drawing connections & reading deep themes with such dexterity. I am in awe of your gifts. You bring the 2D alive! You make it relevant and potent. You weave a vibrant pattern from complex materials- a pattern that sings with luminous insights… Words cannot express my gratitude that your guidance has come into my life: I feel truly blessed to have access to a map-reader of such calibre- you show me the mountain passes & I put one foot in front of the other to ascend.”


All manifest form emerges from the self-organized, intelligent field of consciousness. From this Field you are born, a microcosm of the macrocosm, and a distinct facet of consciousness embodied with the natural archetypal imprinting of the cosmological Web.

Like a seed that informs an oak, you also naturally imbue a blueprint that seeds your soul’s evolutionary theme and desired mastery trajectory: this is your Soul Print. Just like in nature, your Soul Print evolves through unfolding cycles of growth. Knowing our growth themes which are naturally, organically activated empowers us to confront growth edges and participate fully our evolutionary drivers.


Testimonial from Client J.S.

“Dear dear Erin! Thank you so much for the analysis! This was a Complete, on point, confirmation of the story playing out right now for me. Which was very meaningful on many levels to receive.  It makes perfect sense. Everything you described is precisely what is, and has been, playing out in my life! I really needed to hear this at this very intense time of evolving. It was very comforting. I am truly so grateful Erin!”


Testimonial from Client J.B.

“Erin, I want to tell you how much I appreciate your work, your readings, and advice…Your work as a healer will be needed now more than ever. I’m just so disappointed at how many people are not woken. But I then think that the crash we may experience as a society may abruptly waken people after a very long slumber. I am trying to make sense of this, but it is difficult. Keep up the good work and the great advice.”


Testimonial from Client J.R.

“Erin, Can’t thank you enough! Holy smokes! A lot going on for me, I had a feeling there was. You were so spot on with what I have been going through. This gave great confirmation, acknowledgment and direction. Thank you so much!”


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