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Your soul is a living system, inherently holistic in orientation and function. Re-Member your parts, because in wholeness life is magic. You are a unique strand in the Web of Life, and it is through the transformation of Self that the Whole evolves. Unquestionably, this is nothing less than:



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 KNOW YOUR ENCODINGS & UNLEASH YOUR WHOLE SELF.    When we evolve ourselves, we evolve the world.


“The Alchemy of Holism” is the magic which resides within and emerges from The Whole. It refers to the emergent properties and processes which arise when living systems operate wholly (in Nature and in You: in Soil, Soul, Self, Society and Psyche). “The Alchemy of Holism” refers also to the alchemical way by which life imbues and uses “story” (archetypes, symbols, myths, fairytales, stories) to express qualitative function and evolve. In Nature. In You.

An ancient story has returned, reminding us that we are Nature. Nature is whole: Nature is alchemic: We are Nature: We are alchemic. From lead to gold, we’re traveling a delicious growth journey together.

Because Nature is inherently “emergent” by its relational dynamics, we embody this same process. In other words, we are “constant emergence” (alchemy) – transmutative co-particapatory process – embodied in form. In addition, we are a distinct story: an embodiment of archetypes, patterns, rhythms. This is our “Soul Print” – a unique manifestation here to evolve humanity, consciousness, and life itself. Know who you are: your story is calling.

Why are you an “alchemist”? Because life is alchemy. From birth to death, the transmutational process of Self is rich, complex and constant. You are an alchemist because you are infinitely powerful. We have only scratched the surface of our vast co-creative abilities. So, what is your story, Alchemist?


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